I am reading for a Ph.D. in Data Science at the University of Vermont, where I also received my M.S. in Mathematics and B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Political Science. I also work at the MITRE Corporation–my official title is “computer science graduate fellow”–where I’m immersed in computational finance.

Research Interests

I am interested primarily in probability, stochastic processes and statistics, particularly as applied to economic risk and uncertainty:

Teaching and Professional Activity

I’m supported by the MITRE Corporation and a DARPA grant. In the past, I was supported by a teaching fellowship and taught calculus to undergraduates. I used to co-own Research and Development, LLC with John Ring and Colin Van Oort, but it’s currently lapsed due to other professional interests. You can view our (publicly available) projects on our Gitlab page.


My research group is the Computational Story Lab, which is housed within the Vermont Complex Systems Center headed by my advisors, Chris Danforth and Peter Dodds. In the past, I’ve worked at the Tax Foundation and the Cato Institute, at both of which I analyzed regulation and occasionally made suggestions for sensible improvements. (You can read things I wrote about tax policy here. ) Before all of this, I interned in the Massachusetts state legislature and for Bill Keating, my Congressman.


You can view my resume here.